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Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Pyramid Consulting is a leader in the ECM (Enterprise Content Management) arena with its popular flagship product suite and solution — FineDocs ECM.

It ensures an optimum ECM experience with a complete range of ECM products, tools and technologies that span DMS, BPM, Capture and Forms Processing Solutions, along with a number of ECM modules, plug-ins and components.

FineDocs is a complete ECM platform and not merely a product suite. It conjoins concepts, solutions, tools, technologies, methods, strategies, and above all, a commitment to excellence in Document, Content, Information and Business Process Management.

FineDocs DMS helps organizations manage unstructured content through its complete lifecycle, moving it along the respective stages of Capture, Management, Storage and Delivery to finally bring it to Archival.

FineDocs automates Content Capture and Creation with individual products, modules and components, as elucidated in brief below:

Document management

FineFlow BPM is an extremely capable business process management (BPM) solution that helps in the intelligent coordination of people, tasks and information. It has all the advanced features and functionalities of a true BPM solution that spans Process Designer, Form-Builder, Reporting-BAM & Analytics, Queue, Calendar and ECM Integration, along with the Process Manager.

Pyramid has been serving industries, government, PSUs and SMEs, however large or small, for more than 15 years.

We have been devising and creating solutions for the entire vertical, as well as the horizontal solutions (business process-focused) under a particular vertical. FineDocs ECM has been a great success already, with more than 240 successful implementations across different verticals and geographical locations.

ECM and BPM have not only become an infrastructure requirement today but are a true-value investment for your modern organizations.

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