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Flexi  ERP Suite, Robust & Scalable Product from Oman..

Flexi ERP is indigenous ERP solution from RCS ,we have taken into consideration the latest technology trends and incorporated the same towards achieving the most up-to-date and state-of-the-art integrated Flexi  solution.

Flexi as the name suggests, is a flexible integrated suite of modules developed in state-of-the-art technology using ORACLE RDBMS and Developer/2000 tools. Flexi  is available for various lines of business like Manufacturing, Distribution, Trading, Bank, Automobile, etc. It is an optimized Client/Server implementation giving a Graphical User Interface (GUI) to users. This is fully parameterized software, which can be tailored to meet individual company's needs without re-programming.

Flexi  is a multi-company, multi-division, multi-branch, multi-location, multi-currency based application, which covers the entire area of operations for organization, such as financial management, purchase management, stock control, sales management, and fixed assets management. Flexi is developed in ORACLE RDBMS and can be implemented on a wide range of hardware and operating systems. ORACLE, is the leading OPEN system application development environment today, thus ensuring that your investment in time and money on the application software is secure. Investment made in Flexi today, is protected in the long term, and provides you the flexibility to adapt the latest available hardware technology at all times.

Features of Flexi

  • Consistent appearance of the screens (GUI based) and color standards for nature of data.
  • Customisable menus.
  • Extensive look-up facility with name search.
  • On-line information availability.
  • Document downloading facility to eliminate data duplication.
  • Complete workflow engineering to meet individual company's requirements.
  • User / Terminal based security.
  • Multi-Currency supported in all the modules.


  • CRM

User Interface

Since the system will be used by non-computer people, the user interface has been designed to be extremely friendly. The entire user interface is based on the state of the art GUI (Graphic User Interface) technology wherein most of the jobs in the system can be accomplished at the click of a mouse button, except where users have to enter text or numerical information into the database. Main User interface feature ..

  • Different colours to indicate nature of data (Optional, Mandatory, Conditional, Display Only)
  • All GUI features like Push buttons, Radio Buttons, Drop down list boxes, Check-Boxes, Scroll bars etc.
  • Full Keyboard interface support
  • Extensive Lookups with find & pick facility
  • Dynamic on line hints
  • Alerts to advice users of unusual situations.
  • List & maintain facility aids in workflow automation

Highly Parameterized

Flexi  achieves Multi-industry support and multiple workflow methods by being highly parameterized. The user at installation time answers simple questions about the nature of his business and the system automatically sets the required environment. Context sensitive, on-line help on all code fields has been built into the system.

Most of the features in the system can be controlled by parameters that can be set up and altered at the company level, purchase type level, item type level and individual document level. This kind of parameterization gives a lot of flexibility to the system.

These parameters can broadly be classified into two types:

  • Parameters that are set up as per users’ requirements at installation time and remain fixed thereafter.
  • Parameters that can be modified even after installation to suit operational requirements.

Security and Controls

The system has very elaborate security and control mechanisms built in to enable supervisory staff to monitor and control what is going on..

  • The traditional login ID and password control to access the system
  • Access to various functions in the system can be controlled both at the user/terminal level
  • Any change to any of the master information in the system can be audit trailed optionally
  • Any exceptional transactions taking place in the system are optionally logged into an exception log and reports are produced during day-end for designated users/departments.
  • Three authorization levels provided to control payment processing with each level or combination of levels authorization to clear a certain amount.
  • Even the usage of the authorization levels is flexible and can be set-up and maintained by the administrator.
  • Program level / Option level / Sensitive field level security and special roles.

Report Generation

Flexi has a very strong GL/Budget Report Generation Module that allows the user to print customized Balance sheet, P&L statements, Cash Flow Analysis, Schedules etc., allowing the user to control the entire look and feel of reports.

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