RCS along with SAP alliance partner deliver the SAP Services, based on the customer need.

SAP Maintaining the lead in a dynamic market is a continuous process. SAP solutions can give organizations the right leverage to keep an edge over competition. Allowing the consolidation of information, from numerous functions, under a single system, SAP solutions aid the effective alignment of business processes to business goals.

RCS provides SAP solutions, in partnership with SAP, that allow organizations to connect the entire enterprise together. Our unique blend of domain, functional and technology skills, help us deliver the right solutions that enable clients to streamline their business processes, increasing overall efficiency and effectiveness. In addition, RCS has invested in a dedicated SAP Center of Excellence (CoE), which works on a best practices framework to guarantee best in class program management, quality assured deliverables and rich business and technical insights.

Client Challenges

Challenging goals can become difficult to attain without the right tools. A few of these challenges include:

  • Attaining new levels of business process excellence
  • Maximizing profitability while dealing with a dynamic market
  • Improving flexibility by anticipating change
  • Optimizing customer service to gain a competitive advantage
  • Maximizing revenues, by profitably delivering products and services at exactly the right quantity, cost, location, quality and date

What RCS Provides

SAP solutions span the entire enterprise and address all business needs. However, successful alignment of these solutions with the business requires considerable expertise. As a SAP partner, RCS ’s SAP solutions enable organizations to innovate faster, allowing them to gain significant competitive advantage.

Our client base spans across diverse sectors, ranging from manufacturing clients in auto & auto components, oil & gas, to ballistics, electrical equipment and real estate, to service clients in logistics and healthcare. This strong foundation of industry knowledge, coupled with solution expertise, empowers our SAP solutions to address all IT and business challenges efficiently. Our SAP solutions include:

  • SAP Audits
  • SAP Implementation & Rollouts
  • SAP Upgrades & Migrations
  • SAP Application Management & Support
  • SAP Shared Services

Business Value

SAP solutions provide organizations with a host of benefits, which when coupled with RCS ’s expertise, generate immense business value. Some key benefits include:

  • Order management capabilities, which improve on-shelf availability and forecast accuracy, to capture spontaneous customer demand
  • Creation of a coordinated, integrated system, which facilitates faster response time to market changes and operational events
  • Flexibility to exploit opportunities for growth through mergers & acquisitions, or new business channels or models, via support for collaborative channel management
  • Supply & demand planning capabilities, which reduces inventory cycle times
  • Improved capital budgeting & allocation processes


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